Top 10 Bootstrapped Startups in India Their Way to Success

With only 8% of nearly 80,000 Indian startups raising venture capital funding, bootstrapping plays an important role in the growth of an early-stage startup.

But can bootstrapped startups scale as quickly as VC-funded companies, can they become profitable, can bootstrapping create startup giants? The answer to all these questions is a resounding yes.

Today, we will take a look at Top 10 bootstrapped startups in India that bootstrapped their way to success.

Top 10 Bootstrapped Startups in India

  1. MyOperator
  2. Wingify
  3. Great Learning
  4. Quick Heal Technologies
  5. Kayako
  6. FusionCharts
  7. Kaleyra
  8. Zerodha
  9. Directi
  10. Zoho

#1. MyOperator

MyOperator founded by Ankit Jain and Pratik Jain in 2010, MyOperator offers office IVR solution enabling businesses to ease the process of customer communication by offering features like automated call routing, call monitoring and easy CRM integration.

#2. Wingify

Wingify founded by Paras Chopra in 2010, Wingify uses its flagship Visual Website Optimiser platform to help its clients to understand the needs of their customers by testing new features, providing insights into customer behaviour and automating marketing campaigns to boost sales and revenues.

#3. Great Learning

Great Learning founded by Mohan Lakhamraju, along with Hari Krishnan Nair and Arjun Nair in 2013, Great Learning offers a technology platform that helps working professionals and students to upskill in emerging technologies like Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing and Cybersecurity.

#4. Quick Heal Technologies

Quick Heal Technologies founded by Kailash and Sanjay Katkar in 1995, Quick Heal started as a computer service centre which was later transformed into a full-blown IT solutions provider by 2007. The company was completely bootstrapped for 15 years before it raised funds from Sequoia Capital in 2010 and went public in 2016.

#5. Kayako

Kayako founded by Varun Shoor in the small city of Jalandhar, Punjab in 2001, Kayako offers customer service and helpdesk management software. The startup was successfully bootstrapped by Varun until it was acquired by ESW Capital in 2018. Today, Kayako has more than 1,31,000 customers across the world.

#6. FusionCharts

FusionCharts founded by Pallav Nadhani from his bedroom in Kolkata in 2002, FusionCharts is a data visualisation company that offers comprehensive JavaScript charting solutions. This bootstrapped startup has more than 28,000 customers including 85% of the fortune 500 companies like Google, Microsoft and Facebook.

#7. Kaleyra

Kaleyra founded by Aniketh Jain and Ashish Agarwal, Kaleyra is a have cloud-based communications startup that connects businesses with their customers through its omnichannel communications platform. The founders started their company called Solutions Infini with INR 4 lakh to sell their college management software in 2009. However, they failed to make any sales. In order to make ends meet, the founders decided to make software for other companies. They soon transformed their bootstrapped startup into a SaaS company. The company was later merged with Italy-based Uniquity in 2016 to become Kaleyra.

#8. Zerodha

Zerodha founded by Nithin and Nikhil Kamath in 2010, Zerodha is India’s largest stockbroking platform simplifying investment for traders and investors. The startup recently became a unicorn, making it one of the rare bootstrapped and profitable companies to join the club. Zerodha has nearly one million daily active users on its platform that is supported by a merely 30 member tech team. During the FY19, Zerodha raked in INR 850 crore in revenue while registering a net profit of INR 250 crore.

#9. Directi

Directi founded by Bhavin and Divyank Turakhia in 1998, Directi started selling website hosting space and domain names by getting a loan of INR 25,000 rupees from their parents. With the booming dot-com business and only a few companies offering these services at the time, they were able to get back their initial investment of 25,000 rupees in the first month of their operations. Today, Directi has emerged as a tech giant enabling Bhavin and Divyank to add new companies to Directi’s portfolio including Flock, Radix and Zeta. In 2016, the brothers sold their company Media.Net for a massive $900 million.

#10. Zoho

Zoho founded by Sridhar Vembu in 1996, Zoho started its business by offering network management software to networking companies and at the time the company was actually called AdventNet. This bootstrapped startup managed to generate revenues worth $10 million by 2000. However, after the dot-com crash in 2001, Zoho lost most of its clients. Later in 2005, Zoho entered the cloud business with its product Zoho CRM and named the company Zoho in 2009. Today, Zoho offers a suite of over 40 productivity, IT support and sales products to over 3,00,000 customers across the globe.

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