Most Innovative Biotech Startups In India

Top 10 Most Innovative Biotech Startups in India

Biotech startups are changing the world by making our lives healthier. As India becomes a hotbed for biotech innovation, here are the 10 most innovative biotech startups in India.

At the moment, India’s biotechnology industry makes up just 3% of the world’s biotechnology market but this number is expected to go up to 19% by 2025. Let’s take a look at India’s top 10 innovative biotechnology startups that are making India and the world a healthier place.

Top 10 Most Innovative Biotech Startups in India

  1. Xcode Life Sciences
  2. MapMyGenome
  3. Oncostem
  4. Sea6 Energy
  5. Pandorum Technologies
  6. Bugworks Research
  7. Zumutor Biologics
  8. Vyome Therapeutics
  9. Farcast Biosciences
  10. MedGenome

#1. Xcode Life Sciences

Xcode Life Sciences founded by Saleem Mohammed, Dr Abdur Rub and Naru Narayanan in 2010, XCode Life Sciences focuses on preventive healthcare by enabling individuals to understand their genetic makeup and helping them to improve their lives by creating personalized health, nutrition and fitness plan based on their genetic markers and disease risks.

#2. MapMyGenome

MapMyGenome founded by Anu Acharya in 2013, MapMyGenome is a personal genomics startup that offers a Genomepatri Immunity report which helps you understand your genetic make-up while offering insights about your risk towards certain immune system diseases as well as lifestyle diseases.

#3. Oncostem

Oncostem Diagnostics founded by Manjiri Bakre in 2011, Oncostem Diagnostics is a cancer treatment startup that offers innovative prognostic and preventive solutions. Its flagship product CanAssist Breast is a prognostic test for early-stage breast cancer patients. To date, Oncostem Diagnostics has raised $7 million (Rs 51.5 crore) from Sequoia Capital and Artiman Ventures.

#4. Sea6 Energy

Sea6 Energy the company was founded by four IIT Madras students Sailaja Nori, Nelson Vadasseri, Sayash Kumar, Sowmya Balendiran and their professor Shrikumar Suryanarayan in 2010. Sea6 Energy calls itself an ocean operating system and that’s because it has managed to harness the seaweed grown in oceans in a sustainable way to create a range of bioproducts that can boost agriculture, enhance animal and plant immunity and provide an alternative source of energy. It has raised $8.9 million (Rs 65.5 crore) from investors like Tata Capital and Biocon’s founder and CEO Kiran Mazumdar Shaw.

#5. Pandorum Technologies

Pandorum Technologies founded by Arun Chandru and Dr. Tuhin Bhowmick in 2011, Pandorum Technologies is a biotech company that focuses on tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Back in 2015, it made the headlines when it became the first Indian company to design and 3D print human liver tissue for medical research. Till date, the startup has raised $9.2 million (Rs 67.75 crore) from investors like 500 Startups, 021 Capital, Indian Angel Network and Binny Bansal.

#6. Bugworks Research

Bugworks Research founded by Anand Anandkumar in 2014, Bugworks Research is a drug discovery startup that is designing antibiotics that can fight the superbugs which are immune to our traditional drugs. To date, this biopharma startup has raised $16.5 million (Rs 121.5 crore) from University of Tokyo Edge Capital, CARB-X, 3one4 Capital and Global Brain Corporation, and Aquipharma Holdings.

#7. Zumutor Biologics

Zumutor Biologics founded by Kavitha Iyer Rodrigues in 2013, Zumutor Biologics is one of the leading immune-oncology startups that help in treating cancer by targeting the body’s immune system. To date, Zumutor Biologics has raised $41.6 million (Rs 306.4 crore) from Accel, Aarin Capital, Chiratae Ventures, and Bharat Innovation Fund.

#8. Vyome Therapeutics

Vyome Therapeutics founded by Shiladitya Sengupta and Venkateswarlu Nelabhotla in 2010, Vyome Therapeutics is focused on treating inflammatory diseases like acne using its innovative next-generation therapeutic solutions. To date, Vyome Therapeutics has raised $48.3 million (Rs 355.7 crore) from Iron Pillar, Sabre Partners, Kalaari Capital and Aarin Capital.

#9. Farcast Biosciences

Farcast Biosciences founded by Pradip K. Majumder and Mallikarjun Sundaram in 2010, Farcast Biosciences was formerly known as Mitra Biotech. The startup has developed its flagship platform called CANScript which helps oncologists to identify which drug will be most effective for their patients. They have raised $76 million (Rs 560 crore) from Northpond Ventures, Accel, Sequoia Capital, Sands Capital Ventures and TataCapital.

#10. MedGenome

MedGenome founded by Sam Santhosh in 2013, MedGenome is a biotech startup that offers genome-based diagnostics and research solutions. It uses DNA sequencing to help pharmaceutical companies develop personalized medicines for diseases like can cancer, diabetes and other rare diseases. To date, MedGenome has raised $119 million (Rs 876.4 crore) from investors like LeapFrog Investments, Sequoia Capital, InnoVen Capital and Zodius Capital.

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